The Power of Sunday School Teaching: Why are Sunday School Teachers Important?

The purpose of a Sunday school teacher is to organize and supervise Sunday school and Bible study classes. They are usually hired by churches and are responsible for a number of tasks, such as developing curricula, assisting with fundraising events, and guiding children in educational activities. The primary goal of a Sunday school teacher is to systematically teach the Word of God, with the aim of transforming lives. To achieve this, the teacher must be the type of educator who makes a difference, sets the right objectives, teaches in the way that students learn best, and trusts in the work of the Holy Spirit. Fortunately, Sunday school teachers do much more than just read.

They introduce children to great biblical stories, connecting God's narrative with their own. They teach children how to pray, showing them the reality of an inner kingdom where God speaks to them and through them. They also encourage creativity through crafts, projects, parodies and more. The Great Commission is the main motivation for teaching Sunday School, although it is not the only one. Those with the gift of exhortation or prophecy can also find themselves teaching Sunday School.

The Sunday school teacher who does not have a strong desire to win souls has not yet realized the seriousness of their relationship with members of their class. Sunday school in the church not only strengthens believers but also churches, and includes not only preaching but also teaching and community, as both encourage and strengthen faith in the church and people. The true power of Sunday School teaching is not in the methods - however important it is to have the best - nor in the equipment - however valuable - but in the teacher's own spiritual life. This is especially true when teaching Sunday school, where lessons are moral and spiritual and are aimed at building character. Sunday school teachers who are able and willing to care for their students outside the classroom walls will have the greatest impact on their students' lives.

This great concern for doctrinal purity and clarity should not go unnoticed by today's Sunday School teachers. It is not enough to master the passage allotted for the Sunday lesson week by week; this is important, but the teacher must study the Bible in other ways. This also means that a Sunday school teacher must pay close attention to the gifts and talents of those they teach and train. Too many Sunday school teachers allow themselves to be guided by this motto of quiet indolence when preparing their classes. As an example, let's consider a congregation that encourages children to attend Sunday school or a children's program while their parents attend worship service. There is no doubt that you can teach well in a barn; but everyone will admit that an ideal building for a Sunday school is of great value for building an ideal school.

Terence Wedgeworth
Terence Wedgeworth

I love the Bible and love sharing God's truth with others! I dream of being a full-time evangelist, but for now it's Bible college and blogging for me. I also teach 4th grade Sunday School at my church. Click here to see my kids Bible lessons.