How to teach sunday school lesson?

First, summarize the lesson with the students. Ask them what happened and what they remember about the story. But your church doesn't have to choose between doing its Sunday School classes (a boring theology conference) and (a flannel graphic for first-graders). If you give a lecture to a 13-year-old child, he'll ignore you in 10 seconds.

They have a good sense of smell for these things. Even if you have 3 points, you should be able to summarize your idea in a single statement. Don't print 10 pages of notes to read to your students. The church was not born 30 years ago.

It's possible to teach a Hermeneutics 101 course in just one hour with the best online resources that people can use to study. Join the more than 180,000 church leaders who receive our free resources weekly. The 10 best mobile giving platforms for churches. Preparing for the lesson, according to the metaphor of anatomy, the Preparing for the Lesson section is the heart of the entire biblical teaching company.

This is where you'll spend most of your time reading, researching, and formulating your thoughts on the meaning of the biblical text in prayer. This is also where all your efforts to ideate, exegesis and research come together in one cohesive place. For example, sometimes, you may decide to take a deductive or top-down approach. This involves starting with a general idea of the objective or outline and using it as a starting point to delve into the details of the text being exegated and investigated.

On the contrary, at other times, you can opt for an inductive or bottom-up method. Here, the process first delves into the details of the passage and, from there, addresses the broader categories just mentioned. This material follows the biblical sequence of the International Sunday School Lesson (ISSL) and systematically delves into the main biblical books and topics. It was founded as a provider of the Sunday School curriculum and remains a major publisher of such materials.

As mentioned before, it's easy to sit back and fantasize that you'll have lovely, attentive and engaging children in each and every Sunday School class you have. If you apply childish principles to the design or content of your Sunday school lesson, they'll ignore you because they feel condescending to them. During decades of writing Sunday school lessons for adults, I have discovered that about five inquiries is the optimal number for the discussion question section. Master these skills and you'll have mastered the basics of creating a participatory audience in Sunday school.

The first Sunday schools opened in the early 1790s and immediately became very popular. A fun way to start a Sunday School lesson is to share a practical activity to illustrate Bible lessons. Each lesson is brief to accommodate any time restrictions at your children's church or Sunday school for children. Children face a lot of different battles at home or at school, and sometimes a Sunday school teacher who truly loves and cares about them can help them escape and fill their own buckets so they can get through the week.

One of the most effective exercises I did as a Sunday school teacher was a role-playing exercise.

Terence Wedgeworth
Terence Wedgeworth

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