Understanding Lent Sunday School Lesson

Lent is a special time of the year when Christians focus on God and prepare to remember and celebrate the death of Jesus on the cross and his resurrection from the grave. It is a 40-day period that starts with Ash Wednesday and leads to Holy Week. During this time, many people choose to “give up things” as a way to remember that Jesus gave his life for us, or they can “dedicate themselves to doing good things”, just like Jesus did. This is a free lesson to be used in children's ministry during the first Sunday of Lent. On Ash Wednesday, many churches will hold services, during which ashes will be placed on the foreheads or hands of parishioners in the shape of a cross.

During Lent, many people will fast, which means they will give up something for a period of time. This could be food, social media, television, sugar, etc. Holy Week is the period of time when people remember (and sometimes recreate) the passion, which is the series of events that led to the crucifixion of Christ. Lent provides an opportunity for leaders and students to set aside time and reflect on their relationship with God. This lesson plan includes activities such as Ash Wednesday Lesson Plan, Lent Easter Symbols Crown of Thorns and Easter Classes for Children.

Through these activities, children can learn more about Lent and its importance in Christianity.

Terence Wedgeworth
Terence Wedgeworth

I love the Bible and love sharing God's truth with others! I dream of being a full-time evangelist, but for now it's Bible college and blogging for me. I also teach 4th grade Sunday School at my church. Click here to see my kids Bible lessons.